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The 2017 RSVA Annual Meeting will be October 19, 2017

It’s Fun-Tech II, another combined annual-meeting at Raytheon/Waltham Corporate Headquarters in October. The RSVA.org board now invites you and guests to again enjoy our informative meeting, including traditionally congenial reception, refreshments, prizes and several varied short-topics*.

We’ll stick to a custom of noteworthy speakers, with “Dr. Dave” Manoogian, Dr. Arthur Eisenkraft of UMass Science Education, Raytheon Historian Chet Michalak, Colonel Peter Thomson, Ernest Silagyi, Kevin Page, Alan Rohwer and a couple other interesting Technology “educators”.

Thursday, October 19, 2017 @ 1:30-4 PM

Raytheon Global Headquarters, 870 Winter Street, Waltham MA

  • Current topics of interest on Raytheon’s Toll-collection and Radar technology
  • UMass Center of Science and Math in Context (COSMIC) … Authentic Learning
  • Mini-briefs & forum on Tesla Performance, other Cosmic earths, Telescopic apps, DEW Line, Theatre Missile defense, Bolton First Lego League, the Iridium System.
    • Planned future Fun-Tech topics, including steering our Earths Climate

For security, please RSVP to JonLongley@Verizon.net or fill out the form below by October 12th if you plan to attend.

The Retirees School Volunteer Association (RSVA) is a group of retired scientists and engineers from Raytheon and other high-technology companies. Our mission is to promote STEM education by mentoring K-12 students on a volunteer basis at schools in our local communities. Backed by generous financial support from Raytheon, RSVA is active in 10 Schools for a total 1200+ hours volunteered annually. RSVA also provided 17 awards to students who have excelled and promoted STEM education. The student awards are accompanied by money for their respective school STEM education. We inspire hundreds of students each year with our unique RSVA technical perspectives.

Jonathan T Longley, President, RSVA

When: October 19, 2017
Where: Raytheon Headquarters, Waltham, MA

You must be on security’s list to attend. If you would like to attend please fill out form below.


August 4, 2017