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About Us


The Retirees’ School Volunteer Association, RSVA was formed as a nonprofit organization by retired Raytheon engineers and technical staff to assist and enhance the education of K-12 New England public school students in response to requests from the schools.

Retirees are now using their knowledge and experience by supporting STEM education in many schools and communities as tutors, coaches for clubs e.g robotics clubs, judges for Science competitions, and collaborative activities such as Harvard University ITEAMS II NSF Grant Program in Astronomy.

RSVA welcomes Raytheon and other retirees with math, science or technology backgrounds who are interested in supporting STEM education to join our organization and support their local public schools

Our schools are being challenged by demographics, financial constraints, changes in the work place needs and advances in technology and worker skills that demand more of students preparing to enter the workforce. As retirees who have worked on the leading edge of technology , we believe our experience and skill levels afford a unique opportunity to assist our schools by volunteering our time and know-how to inspire and educate the next generation of students.


To utilize years of hands-on industry experience to add value to STEM education.


To be a world class innovator in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education helping students reach their potential.


  1. Participate in state and local education policy councils and committees
    •  STEM Advisory Council
    • Regional Readiness Center
    • Race to the Top Initiatives
  2. Promote local technology/curriculum planning as a strategy for teaching/implementing the engineering process, eg., robotics, science Olympiads, mathcounts
  3. Work with teachers/students in small groups to develop critical thinking skills
  4. Work with students at k-16 education levels to provide the continuity in learning necessary for STEM success
  5. Pursue connectivity with organizations, school districts, and volunteer groups that share our vision